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Sharing….mom taught me how….still doing it today!

This Friday and Saturday, COMAG (Central Oregon Metal Arts Guild) will be sharing their work, knowledge and enthusiasm with everyone that stops by the Arts Central Gallery for Bend’s First Friday.  Arts Central is located at 875 NW Brooks Street between downtown and Drake Park.  Friday 5pm – 9pm; Saturday 10am – 4pm.

Want more information regarding Bend’s First Fridays?  Here is a listing from Downtown Bend’s website regarding the August First Friday:

For more information on Arts Central – check out their website:

For more information on COMAG – visit our website:

Here are a few images of some of my work you can come and see in person:




It’s Mail Time!!!

I had the pleasure of traveling home to surprise my step father for his 80th birthday.  I am doubly lucky because for me home is Hawaii.

The first thing I normally do upon my arrival home is go through the stack of mail that awaits me.  Normally it’s just bills and junk mail.  But, this time there was a nice surprise – my copy of Chains Chains Chains by Lark Crafts.  I knew it was scheduled for release in fall of 2011 but didn’t know exactly when.

I didn’t get the front cover this time, but I am on the back.  Here are the images (in fairness to the publisher, I have blocked out the project instructions):


You can find the book for purchase at Amazon –

or at Barnes and Noble –

Neighbors – you gotta love them…..well especially when they are this awesome!

It is hard when you move 3000 miles away from home and family.  My husband and I moved from Honolulu to Eugene back in 1991 so he could attend the University of Oregon.  I am not sure if we knew it then, but he would be entering into a profession that wouldn’t enable us to move back home.

We have been so lucky, to have always moved into neighborhoods with the most amazing neighbors.  First in Eugene while living in family housing and later when we bought a house.  And, now in Bend, Oregon where we have been living for the past 10 years.

Having that support and of course laughter is priceless.

So, today as I am preparing for Bend’s Summer Fest this weekend, I wanted to thank one of my neighbors who so graciously offered to build me my display furniture.  Chris is a general contractor and looking to branch out into steel furniture fabrication.  So we are hoping for some exposure this weekend.  Here are a few shots of the work in progress and I hope you will come down to the Summer Fest and check it out in person.


Metals, Beer & Eyewear

I swear it was a coincidence but this past May the annual SNAG  (Society of North American Goldsmiths) conference was held in Seattle, WA during the same week as Seattle’s annual Beer Week.

What an amazing week.  Not only did I get to compile a ton of information in regards to metal smithing, I was also able to visit a different brewery nightly and enjoy in my other favorite activity… drinking.

While at SNAG with Sara Krempel, my metals teacher here in Bend, OR, she introduced me to many of the industry’s leading artists.  One that really left an impression was Deb Stoner.  Her technical skill, design creativity and passion are an inspiration!

Deb only teaches her eyewear workshops twice a year and I just missed the one in June.  So, you can bet I will be watching her website closely for an upcoming date.  Until then, I will be spending lots of time in thrift shops looking for those unusual lenses that have been discarded so I can have a selection to choose from as soon as the opportunity to attend her workshop arises.

Images shown are from Deb’s website


Saturday, June 18th 2011 – Coldwell Banker Bend – The Mother of all Garage Sales

If you are in Bend, Oregon, or will be here this weekend, stop by Coldwell Banker Morris Real Estate for their garage sale to benefit The Bend Community Center.  They have been collecting items for months now and in addition to everything for sale, they have gathered over 4000 diapers to donate to the cause.  For more information on the Bend Community Center, check out this interview posted on YouTube.

If you can’t make it to the garage sale and are in the Old Mill area, you can also dine at Pastini on June 20th or 21st and 50% of the proceeds will go to the effort.  Just make sure to mention the event.

Coldwell Banker – 486 SW Bluff Drive, Bend, OR 97702

A note from the “Day Job”

For those of you that don’t know it, yes, unfortunately I do have a day job.

I am a self employed IT Specialist.

Today – a note from the day job:

Please remember to backup your data on your computers.  And remember to include those files that your backup drive or software may not think about.  Where are your contacts and email stored?  Where does your accounting software (Quickbooks, Quicken, etc.) store your files.  Where are your tax files.

If you have a hard drive failure – you don’t want to find out what you forgot about when it is too late.

And, it isn’t always the hardware’s fault.  I did have one customer loose it all when her puppy lifted his leg and ….you can imagine the rest.

Ways to Support ALS

After all of the time spent designing, creating and finishing a piece, making a sale is always gratifying.  But, when I sell a piece in my ALS line it is a thousand times better.  I am not even sure how to express the feeling into words.  It is my way of trying to give back and help fight this horrific disease that has affected my family.

Here is a pair of earrings that sold last week.  Twenty percent of the sales price of each ALS piece goes to the Portland, OR ALS Association to help fund research for a cure.


I also recently donated a piece to the Jim “Catfish” Hunger Chapter in Wilmington, NC.  They will be holding a bachelor auction along with a silent auction to help raise funds.  The 2010 event was a huge success.  So, tell all of your friends and attend if you can.  You can even bid on the piece I donated pictured below.



All pieces generate from art created by my cousin, Howard “Skip” Way.  To see more of his work, please visit his website and youtube channel.

Europe 2011

I am getting very excited.  Am I ready – NO!  But, can’t wait for next Thursday to be here.

Had my first scare….a phone call at 4 am that I didn’t hear.  Olympic Airlines – who has had wonderful customer service thus far, calling to say our flight has been cancelled.

I think – no problem – we don’t have the Greece portion of our trip set in stone yet, let me see if I just need to move the flight a day ahead…..Then I see – Olympic is no longer flying to Vienna…..OH CRAP!!!

So, thankfully for the Skype Unlimited Global I purchased, I was able to call the airlines.  In less than 10 minutes I have a new flight with Austria Air at no additional charge to me (retail for that flight was double).  I lose 1/2 a day on Santorini and now have to spend 5 hours in an airport instead – but I don’t have to worry about how I am getting from Greece to Vienna (the longest leg of our trip).

I say all in all – no big deal.  I will be with my mom and my daughter.  No matter what it will still be a party.

Thank you Olympic Air for demonstrating how excelent customer service should be done!

As I prepare…

I have a goal – I will update this blog at least once from each city I visit as I travel accross Europe.

The journey begins March 24th so look for updates.

I am excited to find new inspiration for my work and to spend 5 weeks with my daughter and my mom.


Denise | Sterling Echoes | Bend, OR