Europe 2011

I am getting very excited.  Am I ready – NO!  But, can’t wait for next Thursday to be here.

Had my first scare….a phone call at 4 am that I didn’t hear.  Olympic Airlines – who has had wonderful customer service thus far, calling to say our flight has been cancelled.

I think – no problem – we don’t have the Greece portion of our trip set in stone yet, let me see if I just need to move the flight a day ahead…..Then I see – Olympic is no longer flying to Vienna…..OH CRAP!!!

So, thankfully for the Skype Unlimited Global I purchased, I was able to call the airlines.  In less than 10 minutes I have a new flight with Austria Air at no additional charge to me (retail for that flight was double).  I lose 1/2 a day on Santorini and now have to spend 5 hours in an airport instead – but I don’t have to worry about how I am getting from Greece to Vienna (the longest leg of our trip).

I say all in all – no big deal.  I will be with my mom and my daughter.  No matter what it will still be a party.

Thank you Olympic Air for demonstrating how excelent customer service should be done!