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My husband, the artist, once said to me (as I was 19 and pregnant with our daughter), I am not going to take a job to make money if I am not doing something I enjoy.  I took that to heart as we raised our daughter and always tried to make sure we were having fun, even in the not so fun routine of daily life.

For me, the fun is not in just the event, but the memories to look back upon.  Reminding me of the event, the place, or the people I was with.

Sterling Echoes gives me the opportunity to solidify my memories (or those of my customers) into my work.

I create pieces that my customers are drawn to because they have had similar experiences, or have traveled to similar locations.  A piece may not be an exact replica of the photograph, but evokes the feeling of the moment which makes an impact on us.  A piece, that we want to keep close and wear often to remind us of our adventures and special memories.   Something that reminds us to have fun.


Denise was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii where the beaches and forests were the playgrounds.  Her grandmother, an art teacher, pointed out the patterns made by nature in the sand, the tree roots, the leaves …. everywhere they went.

Although Denise started college as a chemistry major, years later she stumbled onto a metal art class at Central Oregon Community College.  During that first class she was hooked.  It wasn’t long before Denise, like her grandmother, started seeing the interesting textures and shapes wherever she looked --- in architecture, trees, faces, and even beer foam.

Within a few years of that first metalwork course Denise was developing a process which combines some of her favorite things: the images that can be found in nature, photography, metal fabrication, and the memories of special moments in time.
Denise’s jewelry has been selected from national competitions to be featured in three Lark Publications: 30 Minute Rings, Martha Le Van, editor, April 2011; Chains, Chains, Chains, Nathalie Mornu, editor, Fall 2011; and 30 Minute Bracelets, an upcoming Lark Jewelry publication.

In June, 2010 Denise submitted a proposal to a national competition, “The Jewelry Design Business Development Grant” sponsored by Halstead Bead, Inc.  Denise was one of the top five finalists.