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Medallions - the original photos
The Finished Piece
The Story

When you celebrate 17 birthdays with your best friend you want to do something special for them! I am a huge fan of Denise's work and asked if she would design a necklace for my fellow adventurous partner Josh.

We met numerous times to discuss ideas. I knew I wanted a chain that was a little different and I also wanted to hang a pendant of some sort. Denise suggested I pick some photos and she could fabricate molds of
sections of the photos and shape them into medallions. What an excellent idea!

So, I went through lots of photos of our many adventures together over the years and picked four. Each one symbolizing something we love and share together and also our sense of adventure. First was our trip to Hawaii where we went sailing to snorkel with dolphins. Denise enlarged the incredible reflection of the water off of one of their tails. Second was a cross country ski trip to Sparks Lake along a winter creek. Third was our trusty adventure mobile, the Lance Camper. We have so many good times in this that it was fitting to include. The fourth and final photo was of our much missed family member, Hazel. She passed away after 16 years with us and made every day of our lives incredible. Her medallion is both of our favorites, with her cute little face and expressive eyes.

The medallions all looked incredible, far beyond expectations.

Finally we had to decide on a chain of some sort. There are so many different types of chains out there and I was feeling overwhelmed. Denise took extra time to show me some ideas from her books based on all she knew about the love Josh and I have for each other. She suggested a 'Sailor Knot' chain which would
symbolize not only the strength of our love but its longevity. It was perfect.

The look of happiness and amazement was unforgettable the day I presented the finished piece to Josh. Denise was able to capture moments in time in a beautifully unique way that we both love.

THANK YOU!!!! Jenny Cruickshank and Josh Maquet

Sky - the original photo
The Finished Piece
The Story

Carmen and Sky had a very special relationship.  Carmen rescued Sky and Sky lived a very long life for a greyhound. They were meant for one another.  As anyone knows how has lost a beloved pet, the loss is tangible, the hurt extreme.  

A good friend of Carmen's, Toni, knew the incredible loss that Carmen was feeling and commissioned this piece from a photograph of Carmen and Sky together.

It was a joy for me, to create this piece for two special souls.  Two souls that are tied together for eternity.


Fingerprints - the original photo
The Finished Piece
The Story

My lovey daughter, Kari Harrison, was turning 21.  I wanted to do something special for her.  My first thought was to buy her a Hawaiian bracelet.  I was born and raised in Hawaii and she was born there as well.  Well, with the cost of gold at an all time high, I just couldn't bring myself to shelling out almost $1000 for a bracelet.  So, I came up with this idea.

We were in Hawaii because my grandmother was ill.  I was able to get a finger impression of everyone, including my grandmother just days before her passing.

This bracelet is a result of those prints.  I gave it to Kari and told her as she wore it to remember that she is surrounded by the love we all have for her.  It has brought her comfort during hard times when she is far from home.