The Process

All of the items I create start from either a photograph, drawing, or computer generated piece of art. Here I will use the Grand Canyon series to demonstrate the process.

First – I choose a photograph:

Grand Canyon Tree
Second – I strip the color from the photograph:
Converted to Black & White
Third – In the case of this image, for a better etching result I inverted the colors:
Fourth – I print the image onto PNP (press and peel paper) – a resist used in etching
Fifth – I transfer the PNP image onto a sheet of copper and etch using Ferric Chloride
Etch Plate
Sixth – using the copper etch plate, I create pieces out of wax
Seventh – using the lost wax method, I centrifugally cast the pieces using sterling silver

This shows the wax ready for investing and casting

Pieces just cast and now for finishing

Last – I finish, patinate and tumble each piece
Finished Piece