Sterling Silver Wedding Ring Holder Necklace (Heavy Duty Version)

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This is a heavier version of my popular ring holder necklace.

This necklace is a result of my daughter needing something to hold her engagement ring around her neck while she is at work. Also perfect for nurses, doctors, expectant mothers or anyone else that needs to remove their rings for work.

The sturdy 3.2mm sterling silver cable chain is 45" long with 1 soldered link to finish the chain. There is no clasp to reduce the chance of it breaking.

Just place the chain around your neck. While holding your ring in front of you, drop the chain through the center. Grab the section of the chain that is now below your ring. Next, making sure not to cross the chains, slip the remaining chain over your head.

If you feel a 45" chain won't be long enough for you, just message me the length you desire and I will get back to you with an adjusted price.

The second image shows you the larger chain in comparison to my original 2.1 mm ring holder necklace.

Ships in gift box.