Creating to Aid

I believe we are who we are because of where we have been, who we have known and where we want to go.  I started Creating to Aid as a way to give back in a meaningful way to causes that are important to me and my customers.

The ALS Association

It started in honor of my grandmother Odette Lynch and my mom's cousin Howard Skip Way.  My grandmother passed away from ALS in 2009 and Skip was diagnosed in 2006.  Using Skips Microsoft Paint drawings I created a line of jewelry.  20% of each sale is donated to the Portland/Washington ALS Association.  Click Here to see the items currently available in the ALS Collection.


The Alzheimer's Association

In October of 2013 my stepfather, John Wood, was diagnosed with Alzheimer's.  I immediately traveled home to Hawaii.  While there, it struck me to photograph his Aloha shirt collection.  For my entire life, he would only wear Reyn's.  Looking through old photos it became apparent that some of these dated back over 20 years.  Using the photographs of his shirts, I created another collection.  10% of each sale is donated to Hilarity for Charity a "nonprofit movement dedicated to raising awareness, inspiring change, and accelerating progress in Alzheimer's care, research and support through the engagement of millennials".  Click Here to see the items currently available in the Aloha Collection.


Pink Boots Society, Utah Chapter

The Pink Boots Society is a world wide organization of women all involved in the beer industry who are dedicated to education for and promotion of women in the beer industry.

Each year, I am delighted to receive their annual brew and create a line of work from the beer bubbles and lace.  10% of all sales goes right back to the Utah Chapter to help fund their mission in beer education for women.  Click Here to see the items currently available in the Pink Boots Collection.



 Tracy Aviary, Ales for Andy

This project combines two of my favorite things; helping a good cause and delicious Craft Beer.

The "Andy Ale" was a collaboration between the Tracy Aviary, where Andy (the Andean Condor) lives and Toasted Barrel Brewery in Salt Lake City, Utah.  The event was a fundraiser for the Aviary in celebration of Andy's 60th birthday back in June of 2019.

I was given the pleasure of creating a line that starts from a photograph of the beer lace found in the Andy Ale.  I love that it looks like little birds are hatching throughout the image.

Ten Percent of all sales goes directly to the Tracy Aviary.  Click Here to see the items currently available in the Ales for Andy Collection.





And the project has grown from there.  It is typical in a wholesale environment for pricing to be 50/50.  Fifty percent to the artist and fifty percent to the retailer.  So, I thought, why not 50% to an individual to help them battle what ails them.

Meet Sarah McMurray

A local Bend, Oregon artist that was diagnosed with a rare form of stomach sarcoma. Using a photograph she had taken, I created a line of work that allowed friends, and family and the community the opportunity to show their love and support while purchasing a keepsake from Sarah. A photograph of a tipi that represents something so important to her - Her Tribe. This was a difficult journey for us all as Sarah passed away in September of 2014, but confirmed to me that this is what I want to do; helping people through difficult times by connecting us to one another.


FSH Cell Research

Additional information coming soon...