We are who we are because of our experiences, our travels,

and our interactions with those we love and also strangers we

encounter along the way. Don’t forget to be present, or you

might miss something unbelievable.



 The Idea

Life is too short to not have fun; and documenting that in a special piece to wear daily is the "job" I have the pleasure of going to each morning.

Custom, handmade jewelry that is created from my photos (or yours) to celebrate moments in our lives.

Style & Quality

 Each piece has it's own story stemming from a shared experience.

Often described as uni-sex, the textures and sometimes chunky finished pieces speak to both men and women.


100% Handmade

Each piece is individually handcrafted in my studio located in Bend, Oregon.

No molds are used in the process so each piece is an original and slight variations are to be expected.